Those who have made millions of dollars, and who stand to make millions more prance about on stage, stand behind pulpits and write books threatening congregations of fearful souls with the wrath of a vengeful God. They keep the money pouring in by convincing people that only their repentance, their fear, and their generous donations will save them from an eternity in hell. Some religious leaders are solemn and serious, as they subtly threaten their huge flocks with the separation from their parents, spouses and children if they fail to keep the faith. They tell them that only those who dedicate and sacrifice their whole lives, all their loyalty, and ten percent of their gross incomes will be able to have sex in the life after this one. Eternal alienation and celibacy is the hell they fear.

In one way or another, everyone is taught to fear God. God is the jealous and vengeful parent commanding all the inhabitants of Earth to humble them selves before him, to erect costly edifices to him from which his “Word” must be preached, and to sacrifice our time and money to his “Servants.” We are taught that he is our loving and benevolent Heavenly Father on the one hand, while on the other, we are taught that failure to appease him will result in eternal punishment and damnation. Everyone lives in such fear of hell, that they are afraid to ask themselves the most appropriate question under the circumstances: “Are we already in Hell?”

The initial response of most people to a statement like this one is almost always that you cannot get any more real than this. Then they make an animated reference to one or more of the five senses. We can feel that the body and other objects are real, we can see the reality of this world, and we trust in that which we hear.

To many people, the notion of a sixth, or psychic sense borders on illusion because it cannot be verified by one of the five senses. The fact that it is often verified by experience is subject to debate because it can be dismissed as mere coincidence. The fact is, that the physical elements associated with this world are viewed as real, while that which is outside the experience of the physical organism is viewed as illusion.

So what then, do we mean by the illusion of this world? Quantum physicists deal with particles smaller than atoms on a regular basis. Can we detect them with our five senses? No, but we accept their existence nevertheless. Does the fact that one particle can affect another many miles away without going anywhere fit into our realm of personal experience? No, but it’s still a fact.

The illusion of this world is multifaceted, and consists largely of light refractions that block our perceptions of nearly everything but the five senses. An electromagnetic time loop creates the illusion that time is linear, so we satisfy ourselves with the notion that what we experience in life is all there is to it. Quantum physics and the electromagnetic time loop are some of the aspects of the illusion to which I refer, and our five senses actually play a role in maintaining the illusion. 

Whether we choose to believe in the reality of reincarnation, or whether we choose to believe in our ability to tap into the collective unconscious for information, there is a wellspring of knowledge which can be accessed only by turning within. In actuality, knowledge is available to us from both sources.

Beyond either the Mental and Causal Bodies where our past life knowledge is stored, and the collective unconscious, the Higher Self is capable of supplying knowledge and wisdom derived from the true spiritual realms to which he or she is indigenous. Sometimes the Higher Self retrieves information from the Mental and Causal Bodies for us, and sometimes from the collective unconscious. On rare occasions, information may be retrieved for us from the spiritual realms if the Higher Self has a link to the Silent Ones, to Odin or Omin, or to the “All” Itself.

Anyway we look at it, truth must be derived from turning deep within ourselves. To assume that others have already done this for us, and that we, therefore, have no need to do it in our own behalf, is to suggest that Christ was being frivolous when he told us that the Kingdom of God is within. It makes no sense at all to be paying ten percent of our gross income, or otherwise donating huge sums of money to others who claim to be doing for us, that which we should be doing for ourselves.

Most of us tend to dismiss the principle of reincarnation offhandedly, because we fear that to give it any serious consideration whatsoever, would be the same as losing our faithfulness in the religious beliefs we have been taught from birth. You know, of course, that I’m going to tell you that this is part of a series of traps designed to keep us from figuring out the illusion and escaping hell. It’s a very effective one too, because if we fail to come to terms with the reality of reincarnation, we will never stop the cycles of karma.

Karma is the result of not only our deeds, but also our reactions to environmental stimuli both in the past of this life, and in past lifetimes. In other words, we reap what we sow. We don’t need a vengeful God to make this a reality for us, because it is a major facet of natural law.

Often times, our process of transcending karma and this worldly existence depends on our understanding of why we are experiencing certain things in life. To say that it’s “God’s Will” or that “God is testing us” is not sufficient. It fails to provide us with the required understanding.

For example, I lived most of my life unable to have a massage, because I couldn’t have anyone touching my back from behind. When I learned of a past life in which I was stabbed in the back and killed, however, I understood. The associated energies were purified, and I can now receive massages. Had I not undergone that experience, the natural cycles of karma would have necessitated, eventually, either my killing the one who had killed me, or having to be killed in the same way over again. Now that cyclic pattern of karma has been stopped dead in its tracks.

The logical question is: “What bonds could there possibly be, that could bind us to this world”? The cycles of karma keep us bound, as does a time loop which escapes our notice because of our ignorance regarding the nature of the rest of the universe. Our attachments to all the distractions that life offers also keep us bound, and so do all the illusions that keep us believing in the reality of this world as presented by religion.

We can transcend the cycles of karma through a process which purifies specific energies known to Hindus as samskaras, and to the ancient Northern Europeans as wyrd. Of course, the ego-self cannot purify itself, so we must rely on the process of turning inward as Christ, along with all Saints and Sages both past and present have taught.

We must have a understanding of time loops as they exist naturally, so that we can compare our life experience to that standard in order to comprehend the nature of, and to release ourselves from the unnatural time loop which keeps us bound to this world.

The distractions of life keep us bound through our lower emotional passions which must be purified right along with the seeds of karma. As long as we believe in the reality of this world as presented by religion, we will never see its illusory nature, and thus, we’ll never dispel the trap.

This concept is very discomforting for many people who lack knowledge and experience regarding life beyond the only world they know. It is easier to believe in a being who is more knowledgeable, possesses greater wisdom, and who has more power than ourselves, who will guide us like sheep, promising to lead us to the promised paradise after this life, in return for our obedience now.

On the other hand, if we wish to follow in the footsteps of Christ and do even greater things than he, as he expected of us; if we wish to be like our concept of God, then it is imperative that we be in a position to control our own destiny after death.

Taking control rather than being someone else’s dupe can be a very fulfilling prospect for those who come to an understanding of what lies beyond this life, other than some vague notion of heaven, hell, or a spirit world.